Cut Away Everything

When your words are bursting to come out, banging on the walls of your mind and begging to be released even if all at once, causing you to be flustered and frustrated as you try to re-organize them into a 140 character quip that even you can’t readily understand, read this post. Loved it.


Blaise Pascal once wrote:
“I’m sorry I wrote you such a long letter; I didn’t have time to write a short one.”

Pascal’s apology is contrary to the common belief that to write longer we need more time. We have all experienced, at some stage in our life like when we had to write essays and compositions for language or literature courses, how hard it was to do so if we had limited number of words. The lesser the number of words required, the harder it became for us to write.

Poetry is perhaps the hardest form of writing, followed by the short-short (story), and then the short story. The writer of the short form of fiction cannot wander like the novelist does. There is no place for him or her to ramble, since every paragraph, every sentence and every word has to serve its purpose of adding to the…

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