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Looking for the right piece of art

Posted in Art and Culture, Gallery, Stuff with tags , , , , on June 7, 2012 by Val McCall

Over the past eight months, my first floor has gone through a much-needed overhaul. Actually, my entire house has got a face lift over the past few years. It began with a dream for a kitchen that worked and an insatiable desire for no clutter. Having five kids, I have all manner of clutter and stuff. Someone moves and if there’s that certain “something” that they can’t convince their significant “other” to allow in the door … Where do you think it lands? In my basement or my garage or my third floor/attic/drop off point for all things homeless.

The Blue Meanies | Photo credit Wikipedia

So I turned into Momzilla, or as I often threatened my children when they were small, a “Blue Meanie” like the ones in the 1968 Beatles movie, “Yellow Submarine.” I got a dumpster and dumped anything that wasn’t nailed down; I did keep my other half.

We gutted half the first floor; created the much sought after “open concept” between the kitchen and dining room and went from a typical 1940s-1950s, Betty Crocker kitchen to a modern sleek design. Lots of stainless steel, granite and a minimal design in cabinetry.

I have tons of artwork to display but I began in earnest to search for something modern as a focal point for a new wall gallery. The color pallette is neutral so I needed something large with a punch of color and then to surround it with some neat black and white photos in various frames and sizes. I’m thinking Andy Warhol but I don’t want a picture of Campbell’s Soup or Marilyn Monroe.

And then it hit me. I have some great photos of my kids and my grandchildren; especially the ones they post on Facebook. I found one that I couldn’t have posed better myself. I passed the photo through some neat photo tools I have on my MacAirBook Pro and voila.

“IMK” Sasha 2012

I’m not going to say what the title “IMK” stands for. I’m going to let them figure that out the next time they’re here. Combining this with some neat photos of their parents and cousins in modern, traditional and ornate frames, and add some of my classical artwork, I’ll have a unique gallery; one that I plan to repeat in the living room and elsewhere.